Prime Factor Tiles

Online Instruction Manual

These interactive Prime Factor Tiles can be used to model a huge range of mathematical ideas which, at their heart, involve the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic.

For example: simplifying fractions and ratios, lowest common multiples and highest common factors, the laws of indices and even factorising algebraic expressions using the x and y variable tiles.

The tiles can be dropped on top of each other to multiply the tiles together.

Tutorial Video

Key Buttons

PrintableCreates an array of tiles in a format suitable for printing.
Add TileAdds a tile equal to the value in the input box.
MultiplyMultiplies the selected tiles together and replaces them with a single tile with a value equal to their product.
DivideDivides the selected tiles by the value in the input box if the divisor is a factor.
DecomposeDecomposes selected tiles into their prime factorisation.

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