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Welcome to the #1001MathsBot task project.

Please login with the membership code to view and download the tasks.

The aim of this project is simple; to provide engaging, easy to use, and pedagogically rich tasks covering all the topics pupils encounter throughout school-level maths.

How are you creating the tasks?

Stage 1 is to create the tasks themselves. All the images are created using the manipulatives and tools in MathsBot and then copied into PowerPoint where prompts are added. Each task is then linked to mathematical ideas under the four main stands of number, algebra, geometry and measures, and statistics and probability.

Stage 2 will be to add pedagogical notes to each slide. How might you introduce the task? What questions might come up? And crucially, how might you enable or extend the task so that all pupils are challenged appropriately.

Stage 3 will be to create bite-sized videos for each task detailing how I have used the task in the classroom - essentially bringing the pedagogical notes to life!

How can I help?

Spread the word! One of my favourite things is when people share how they use my resources in the classroom. How did you use it? What went well? What would you change if you used it again? Please tweet screenshots of the tasks using #1001MathsBots and tag me in @StudyMaths.

Finally, thank you for supporting the site and I really hope you find this project useful!